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Inverts ahoy!

Hey, really enjoyed this. The feeling of being 'adrift' was was done, the sound was excellent and creepy. The pacing was perfect, the shocks were well-timed. A singular idea well carried out, with no time-wasting. The animation was often minimal if I may offer a small criticism, but this mostly didn't matter as it was of course the fantastic creature designs that stole the show. It reminded me of another cartoon on Newgrounds called Larvae, you should check it out. I'm a zoologist, and I've always thought the microscopic world was a fertile resource for creating alien creatures, you capitalised very well on that potential. Well done! Enjoyed the site as well.

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Scythemantis responds:

Thanks! I always wanted to be a zoologist myself but with no formal education I'm just a hobbyist really :)


Excellent use of the strengths and limits of flash! Music and editing are very strange and expertly timed. This short creates a bizarre world that I'd love to see fleshed out more. Love the creature design, clearly based on various real animals but nicely twisted and original looking, instead of tired old Alien rip-offs.


Simple but I liked the style. Does what it says on the tin. Keep it up, i'd be interested to see something more ambitious from you. Nice first work.


I really, really want to like this. It looks awesome, there's been a ton of work put into it, the characters and animations look great, the location is atmospheric, the camerawork is exellent and the style is great...but its somebody else's style. Its really noticeable and it reflects badly on the cool original stuff that you included in this (in particular the way the fight ends, there's some weird, classy effects used there). Its a bit like V for Vendetta. I really enjoyed the film on its own merits, but after readin the book I understand whats lame about the film, and why people had a problem with it. Had I never seen CCC, this would be one of my top fav submissions, no question-its that good. I do note that you stopped doing this style more recently.


The release of each CCC flash is awaited with bated breath. By me anyway. Seems that each one uncovers more about the city..I never thought that kids went to school there, I thought it was a kinda fantasy place where kids and teenagers did whatever they want. Anyway, music, visuals, charactisation, camera angles, etc were all superb as usual. And the fight scene was awesome.


This series is getting better. The graphics are gettin smoother and clearer, it loks more professional. The voices are exellent as well. The party coulda used some music tho.


I'm not religious or anything but this is a really great cartoon with a unique style, you did a great job. I obviously dont have to say that the graphics were brilliant, but the storytelling was very well judged, it gets the message across without being preachy. Nce.


I like this, always been a fan of Burton, this gives his a credible kind of background, I could well image some of that stuff actually happening to him. Like the little nods to things to come, like the batman lunch box..and there really is no way that a story like this could have been scored by anything other than Elfman's themes for his movies. Love the monent when he has his vision at the end. Music fits wonderfully. Some of the walking animations are a bit ropey, and some of the voices at the start aren't very clear. But I really liked it.

Davidbrookesuk responds:

I agree with you about the voices and the animation! I have poor recording equipment and this was only my second flash animation - expect more fluid character movement in future installments! Thanks for the input.

This is quality

Yup, this is a fantastic series. Love everything about it, the cinematics in particular are great, incredibly stylish. I will say that in terms of plot, it may be a cheesy brainless Hollywood action blockbuster, but its the biggest, baddest, most outrageous cheesy brainless Hollywood blockbuster ever. In a good way.


This is great, really twisted. The art reminds me of late 80's graphic adventure games..as does the twisted journey the protagonist undertakes. Love the shot when they open the door. Sound effects are brilliant throughout. Everything looks like a barcode!

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks! It's been a while since I've gone on newgrounds and its good to see some good reviews!

Hey, watch my film or I'll hunt you down.

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